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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a vibrant and engaging community for cocktail enthusiasts and professionals alike. We aim to provide a platform where visitors can discover the latest trends, techniques, and experiences in the world of cocktails.

Through our website, we strive to curate a comprehensive resource for all things cocktail-related, from classic recipes to modern creations, with a wide selection of bar tools to glassware. We want to inspire and educate, whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years.

We also believe that cocktails are more than just a drink, but an experience. That’s why we are committed to bringing people together through cocktail events. Whether it’s a mixology class, a cocktail competition, or a tasting, we will try to find the best cocktail events around the United States. Focusing on events that showcase the creativity and passion of the industry and foster a sense of community.

Warren Strasen

Warren comes from a bar and nightclub background. For over 30 years you could find him bartending at bars and nightclubs around the Seattle area. With a passion for fine spirits and cocktails, he spends many of his nights dreaming up new and exciting cocktails.

Warren trained at the Artisan Craft Distilling Institute and at the Seattle Distilling Institute. He was one of the owner/distillers at the 3 Howls Distillery with a focus on American Single Malt. He now creates custom cocktails and bartends for local events and gatherings.

He loves to travel and be inspired at the spirted events that are featured in Thirste. He also likes to learn about new cocktail concepts from bartenders around the world.

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