Cocktail Glassware

Cocktail glassware encompasses a wide range of elegant and specialized vessels that enhance the presentation, aroma, and overall enjoyment of cocktails. From the classic martini glass with its iconic long stem and conical bowl, perfect for serving sophisticated and chilled cocktails, to the tall and slender Collins glass, designed to showcase refreshing highball drinks with plenty of ice and garnishes. Other notable examples include the versatile coupe glass, reminiscent of a champagne saucer, ideal for serving vintage-inspired cocktails, and the sleek and modern highball glass, commonly used for tall mixed drinks and cocktails that require a generous amount of mixers. Each unique cocktail glass shape and design contributes to the artistry and experience of cocktail crafting.

Highball Glasses

Highball Glass

Highball Glasses The tall and straight highball glass is a versatile vessel, they typically hold around 8 to 12 ounces of liquid …
Collins Cocktail Glasses

Collins Glass

Collins Glasses Often mistaken for a highball glass, the Collins glass is a distinct and versatile piece of barware. While it shares …
Zombie Cocktail Glasses

Zombie Glass

Zombie Glasses The Zombie glass, with its captivating origins, was specifically crafted to complement the iconic Zombie cocktail—an enticing concoction featuring a …
Coupe Glasses

Coupe Glass

Coupe Glasses Coupe glasses excel in showcasing “up” cocktails, where a drink is meticulously mixed with ice, then strained and served chilled, …
Old Fashioned Rocks Glass

Rocks Glass

Rocks Glasses The rocks glass, also known as an old fashioned or lowball glass, is characterized by its short and wide structure, …