Cocktail Kits

For those looking to elevate their at-home mixology game, cocktail making kits have emerged as the perfect answer. These carefully designed kits come with everything you need to make delicious cocktails in the convenience of your own home.

Cocktail Kit Bourbon

These kits provide a practical and enjoyable method to learn about the craft of mixing drinks because they frequently include premium mixers, bitters, and garnishes. Cocktail making kits offer the chance to experiment with various flavors, perfect your mixing abilities, and dazzle your guests with drinks of a high caliber, whether you’re a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or a curious beginner. Cocktail making kits offer a pleasant and immersive experience that brings the energy of the craft cocktail bar right to your home thanks to their thorough ingredient lists and simple-to-follow directions.

Shaker & Spoon Monthly Subscription

You’ll receive three original recipes from renowned bartenders each month along with everything else you need to prepare 12 drinks (four of each recipe), excluding the alcohol, such as syrups, bitters, aromatics, garnishes, and more. Try new flavors and mixes, and take a fresh look at your liquor cabinet.
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Cocktail Kit Shaker and Spoon

W&P Craft Cocktail Kits

Enjoy a cocktail whenever and wherever you choose. Each kit comes with everything you need to make two premium cocktails in-flight and is designed to fit in your carry-on luggage. The elegant features include a linen cocktail napkin and a spoon-muddler combo packed in a crisp metal tin. Make Craft Cocktails No bartending experience necessary; simply add your own hard liquor and stir.

WP Craft Cocktail Kits

The Cocktail Box Co.

These cocktail kits were created and tested by skilled mixology and craft cocktail experts. The following bartender supplies are included in each drink kit: a cocktail napkin, a bar muddler spoon, cocktail bitters, etc. With the exception of alcohol and ice cubes, each cocktail kit contains the premium materials needed to make 3 to 6 drinks. They are excellent for learning the fundamentals of mixology and bartending.

The Cocktail Box

Cheers to shaking, stirring, and sipping your way to cocktail mastery!

Cocktail Kits