AI Bartenders

Elevate your business to the forefront of innovation effortlessly, and equip your bartending team with an unparalleled virtual assistant for a touch of technological brilliance. Introducing an AI assistant with autonomous mixology skills — the perfect solution whenever you’re striving for excellence or need that extra pair of (robotic) hands behind the bar.

Doosan Moodie Bartending Cobot

This ChatGPT-powered bartending cobot is equipped with Bridgestone’s ground-breaking Tetote soft robot hands. The Doosan Moodie gives the craft of mixing drinks a fresh perspective. Mixmaster Moodie’s rubber artificial muscle technology allows it to precisely and elegantly handle a wide variety of beverages, ensuring a pleasant and effective bartending experience.

Doosan Moodie Robot bartender
Cecilia AI Robot Bartender

Cecilia.AI Interactive Bartender

Meet, a groundbreaking leap into the future of mixology. As the world’s pioneer in interactive robotic bartending, redefines the art of crafting cocktails through state-of-the-art voice recognition and conversational AI technologies.

TONI – Makr Shakr

With their sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities, Toni robots can precisely mix and serve customers’ requests for cocktails and mocktails while also projecting charming personalities. The epitome of robotics ingenuity can be found in Makr Shakr’s Toni robots. Each has a unique personality and skill set and is made to interact with clients and offer a different kind of experience.

TONI Robotic Bartender