Clear Ice

Every little detail counts when creating the best cocktail. Every component, from the type of glass, garnish, and mixers, to the selection of spirits. These all add to the harmonious combination of flavors and visual appeal. But the ice is one element that is frequently overlooked but is really important. Because of its slow melting point and crystal clarity, clear craft ice has become a mainstay in the respected cocktail bars.

Clear Ice Makers

Craft Clear Ice

Aromatics and Taste

Clear craft ice makes your beverage smell and taste better. The fragrances of the mixers and spirits are accentuated without being overpowered by the clarity of the ice. The aromatics are released in a regulated manner as the ice gradually melts, making the cocktail experience more aromatic and immersive. If you have ever had a beverage made with old stale ice, you understand the importance of fresh clear ice.


Visualize a well prepared cocktail being delivered in a glass, sparkling with clean clear ice. The visual impact of clear ice is undeniable. Clear craft ice improves the entire presentation of your cocktail, providing a touch of elegance that is sure to impress your guests even before they take their first sip, in contrast to cloudy, impurity-ridden ice.

Melting Rate

The slow melting rate of clear ice is one of the main advantages. This is accomplished through a meticulous freezing procedure that gets rid of contaminants and air bubbles. The outcome? Ice that melts gradually maintains the flavors in your beverage and avoids dilution. Cocktails that are precisely balanced from the first sip to the last.

How to make clear ice