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Arizona Cocktail Weekend - Phoenix

Arizona Cocktail Weekend unfurls its splendor across three unforgettable evenings, transforming Phoenix AZ into a spirited haven for cocktail aficionados. As the premier brands in the industry take center stage, the city comes alive with a kaleidoscope of events ranging from brand-driven happy hours and parties to enlightening educational seminars adorned with craft cocktails, camaraderie, and memories destined to linger.

February 16 February 19

Arizona Cocktail Weekend

In the heart of the action are the three crowning jewels of the weekend: Cocktail Carnival, Top Bars, and Last Slinger. Cocktail Carnival, a vibrant fiesta of mixology, beckoned attendees into a world where creativity knew no bounds. Amidst carnival lights and laughter, master mixologists showcased their craft, concocting libations that transcended the ordinary.

Amidst these signature events, the best brands in the industry aren’t merely showcasing spirits; they are weaving narratives, engaging in conversations, and forging connections with a community that shares a profound appreciation for the art of mixology. Arizona Cocktail Weekend isn’t just an event; it’s a symposium of taste, an exploration of craft, and a testament to the vibrant spirit that defines Phoenix’s cocktail scene.

Phoenix Arizona

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