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Camp Runamok

August 18 August 24

Camp Runamok is not just a retreat; it’s a sanctuary where the vibrant bar community converges, creating a haven to foster enduring connections while immersing in the rich tapestry of America’s signature spirit: Bourbon.

Over the course of the week, participants are invited to engage in a diverse spectrum of activities, ranging from spirited pool parties to shared chores with cabin mates. These carefully curated experiences extend beyond mere pastimes; they serve as catalysts for building camaraderie, fortifying bonds, and uniting the bar community in a shared pursuit of knowledge and passion.

Camp Crescendo

1480 Pine Tavern Rd
Lebanon Junction, Kentucky 40150
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In the heart of Camp Runamok, each activity is a thread that weaves the fabric of lasting friendships. The shared laughter around a pool, the collaboration during communal chores – these moments are the building blocks of a community that thrives on mutual respect, understanding, and a genuine appreciation for the craft. The week becomes a canvas upon which individuals from diverse corners of the bar world converge, creating a masterpiece of shared experiences and newfound connections.

Participation in Camp Runamok demands more than a casual commitment; it beckons those willing to invest their entire selves into the experience. It’s a journey for those with open minds and full hearts, a transformative adventure that transcends the surface to unveil the true spirit of community. Those who embrace the challenges and joys with authenticity are the ones who reap the fullest rewards from this immersive encounter. So, if you’re ready to contribute your energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn, Camp Runamok awaits—an opportunity not just to discover the intricacies of Bourbon but to become an integral part of a thriving and dynamic community.