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Master 100 Cocktail Recipes with bartender flashcards that include video instructions and step-by-step mixology recipes. Each card has a QR code that can be scanned with a phone or tablet to view an instructional video, along with ingredients, a history, a flavor profile, and step-by-step instructions.

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Cocktail History Flashcards


Each cocktail tells a distinct tale from our past. Cocktails have a long history, and many of them originate from significant historical events like sailors surviving scurvy or being invented during Prohibition to cover up bad-tasting alcohol. Historians have painstakingly researched the histories of each drink to best fit their respective origin stories.


In addition to recipes and detailed instructions, there are instructional videos for each and every drink on each card!

developed to be used by anyone, regardless of expertise level with cocktails, created by a bartender with over ten years of experience.

Fantastic for enthusiasts
The purpose of these Cocktail Cards is to test your knowledge of each drink by using them as flashcards. Learning about each category before going forward is made easier by the organization of liquor types and colors.

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