LAV Collins glasses feature a long, cylindrical shape and a narrow brim that flawlessly reflects beverages. This set of six tall cocktail glasses has a sleek, elegant style that lets you mix and enjoy cocktails at home bars or make your own. These lustrous, heavyweight, easy-to-hold highball glasses are sturdy enough for regular usage.

LAV Tall Collins Glasses

Each large Tom Collins drinking glass holds 12 ounces. Perfect height, proportions, and width for both long and short drinks. Fits screwdriver-style mixed drinks and beverages like tea, iced coffee, juice, milk, and lemonade. They are ideal for a home bar party, offering a variety of drinks like mojitos, long island iced tea, and bloody mary.

Tall Cocktail Glasses are recognized worldwide for regular everyday use as well as get-togethers and celebrations in your kitchen or bar with friends and family. They’re a traditional option for the kitchen, bar, or home.

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