With the Bartesian Duet cocktail maker, you can now bring the craft cocktail experience, complete with quality ingredients and your favorite brands of spirits, to the smallest of spaces with a new, compact design.

Intelligent Cocktail Creation
Insert a capsule and place a glass on the bar top then choose your preferred strength from mocktail to strong. The machine automatically draws the spirit from the appropriate bottle and crafts a perfect cocktail in seconds.
Inspired Cocktail Options
Mixologist-crafted cocktail capsules are dated for freshness and contain a premium mix of precisely measured, real juice concentrates, bitters and extracts. Capsules are sold separately.
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 The Bartesian cocktail machine offers the benefits of a fully equipped bar without the hassle. Every drink tastes like it was made by a professional, and Bartesian’s library of cocktail capsules has a wide variety of choices.

The intuitive rotary dial makes navigation simple. Once the capsule is inserted, the cocktail is immediately identified via barcode and the LCD display suggests the proper glassware and provides strength options.

Set your two favorite spirits and start crafting cocktails immediately with this drink maker. The stylish touchpoints, effortless capsule latch and LED lighting make every drink an event.

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