Barillio Bartender Travel Bag

Bartender Travel Kit Bag with professional 17-piece bar tool set and portable waxed canvas bag. The bag includes an extra sturdy shoulder strap so you can easily carry this travel cocktail set to you next event.

Barillio’s waxed canvas bartender kit bag provides the storage, organization and portability necessary to successfully implement your bartending skills in any location. The specially designed pockets, elastic loops and straps makes carrying your bar tools on-the-go as easy as it gets. And to finish things off, this bartender kit comes with all the bartending equipment you need for mixing delicious cocktails without fuss or mess.

The waxed canvas bag has the perfect combination of beauty and durability. Besides the extra layer of protection, it develops a beautiful, weathered patina with time, which enhance the coffee color fabric appearance.

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Whether it’s a mojito muddler, jigger, bar spoon or Hawthorne strainer – this bartender roll-up has a unique compartment designed for each one. Each compartment is marked with an illustration. Having marked compartments keeps your tools organized and provides real-time guidance which saves you time when you need it the most. In addition, the cocktail shaker compartment is super-sized with tons of storage to carry extra kitchen & bar gadgets.

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