How Much Does a High-End Robot Bartender Cost

High-end robot bartenders are the latest trend in the hospitality industry, and they are gaining popularity due to their ability to mix cocktails efficiently and consistently. However, the cost of these robots is often a major concern for potential buyers. A high-end robot bartender can cost anywhere between $100,000 to $200,000 or more, depending on the features and technology used. Here is a list of the top high-end robot bartenders arranged in price from highest to lowest.

Intelligent Cocktail Bundle:

$210.00 US Dollars – Baronics

Offering a completely autonomous robot Bar run by a safe collaborative robot, Baronics is setting a new standard for easy 24/7 gastronomy.

$130,000 US Dollars – Barney Bar

Barney is a fully autonomous robotic bar that serves cocktails, soft drinks, mocktails, beer and prosecco in a very efficient and entertaining way.

$110,000 US Dollars – Makr Shakr

Born out of the melting point between Italian design and advanced robotics technology, this prize-winning products take you to an immersive drink experience.

$110,000 US Dollars – Bionic Bar

With moves as fluid as the Pimm’s in your cup, these mecha mixologists can create an almost endless combination of cocktails, from classic cosmos to custom-crafted sips.
This might be a re-branding of the Makr Shakr.

Despite the high cost, investing in a high-end robot bartender can be worth the money for some environments. With a robot bartender, customers can place their orders through a touch screen or an app on their phone. This enables the robot to quickly prepare the drink, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

High-end robot bartenders are equipped with advanced technology that can help enhance the customer experience. For example, some robots come with built-in cameras that can scan customer faces and use AI to personalize their drink orders. Other robots can be programmed to create signature cocktails that can be customized for specific events or seasons.

A high-end robot bartender can also be a marketing tool for businesses. Robot bartenders are unique and can help differentiate a business from its competitors. They can also generate buzz and media attention, which can lead to increased foot traffic and brand awareness. With the rapid advancements in robotics and AI, we can expect to see more innovative and cost-effective robot bartenders in the future.

Doosan Moodie Bartending Cobot

Whether you’ve longed for a robot to shake up your favorite cocktail or you’re intrigued by the prospect of a mood-sensitive mixologist, Mixmaster Moodie combines cutting-edge technology and a touch of personalization to redefine the way we interact with our beverages.