How Much does a Professional Cocktail Machine Cost?

Professional Automated Cocktail Machines Range in cost from $300.00 to over 10,000.00 USD. A Professional Robot Bartender can help a small restaurant or bartender save time and expand their cocktail menu. Much like having a slushy machine with margaritas or daiquiris ready to go, these cocktails machines can help in peak hours. We have listed the top choices of Professional Robot Bartenders from lowest price to highest.

$450.00 USD – Bartesian Professional
Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine

Recreate the taste and experience of premium cocktails with the Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine. From the effortless capsule latch to the LED light that highlights each cocktail the Bartesian Professional makes every drink an event.
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$499.00 USD – Somabar Automated Bartender
somabar Robot Bartender

Automated bartending is something that has been attempted before, but never in a precise and affordable manner.
Currently available through KickStarter.

$1,500.00 USD – Monsieur Mini
Monsieur Cocktail Machine

Monsieur is an artificially intelligent robotic bartender that serves the perfect drink at the perfect time tailored to meet the most discerning tastes.
Currently available through KickStarter.

How an Automated Cocktail Machine could help a small restaurant:

An automated cocktail machine or robot bartender can work fast and efficient to make select cocktail during particularly busy periods.
An automated cocktail machine can ensure that every cocktail is made to the same standard, which can help maintain the quality of the bar or restaurants drinks.
Cost Savings
Robot Bartenders could help reduce waste by dispensing precise amounts of ingredients, which can help reduce costs over time.
A robot bartender can be programmed to make a variety of different cocktails, which can help expand the restaurant’s drink menu