Introducing what may be the world’s first-ever North American international whiskey trail, a collection of distilleries across the Canadian Province of British Columbia, with the American States of Washington and Oregon proudly showcasing some of the “world’s best” single malt whiskies from North America.

Northwest Whiskey Trail

This extraordinary trail invites whiskey enthusiasts to taste and discover the distinctive qualities that make these whiskies truly exceptional.

As visitors embark on this remarkable journey, they are immersed in a sensory experience, celebrating the flavors and craftsmanship of the whiskies created in the west coast. Each distillery along the trail boasts its own captivating story, inviting guests to explore what sets their whiskies apart and makes them truly special.

Northwest Whiskey Tour

At every stop along the trail, visitors have the opportunity to savor the essence of the local barley. Four Distilleries feature barley carefully cultivated amidst the pristine landscapes of British Columbia, imparting a unique character to the spirits. Some of these Single Malt Whiskies feature barley malted with peat, which lends its smoky and earthy notes, adding a fascinating dimension to the whiskies. Exploring the influence of specific yeast strains selected by the distilleries, guests discover the complexities and depth of flavors that dance upon their palates. They witness firsthand the art of mashing and distilling, observing the dedication and passion that permeate every step of the meticulous process. Finally, they come to appreciate the significance of the premium oak casks used to patiently mature the whiskies, imparting layers of richness and complexity that only time can bestow.

Northwest Whiskey Trail Glass
Northwest Whiskey Tour Glencairn Glass

Get a Northwest Whiskey Trail passport from any of the participating distilleries and begin your journey by collecting a stamp at each destination. There is flexibility in visiting the distilleries, explored in any order and over any timeframe. Once the passport is filled with stamps, it can be redeemed at the final distillery on the trail. In return, participants will receive an exclusive and limited-edition Northwest Whiskey Trail Glencairn glass, serving as a cherished memento of your whiskey adventure.

This whiskey trail offers an unprecedented opportunity to traverse breathtaking landscapes, engage with master distillers, and passionate experts, witness the ingenuity and artistry that define the whiskies of this region. From the rolling hills of British Columbia to the scenic wonders of Washington and Oregon, each destination along the trail presents a unique experience, unveiling the secrets and traditions that make these whiskies truly exceptional.

Whiskey enthusiasts from around the world are invited to join this extraordinary journey, tasting, exploring, and celebrating the world-class whiskies crafted with meticulous care and boundless passion. Through this remarkable adventure, every sip tells a tale of heritage, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of perfection, as visitors embark on a journey through the heart of whiskey-making excellence.

Northwest Whiskey Trail Map

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