The two beverages most often associated with Seattle are its exceptional coffee and its enormously hoppy IPAs. However, there is a thriving local artisan distilling culture in Seattle, where there are approximately 20 distilleries, several of which produce whiskey.

Seattle Single Malt

Seattle distillers have an obsession with single malt whiskey. The marine environment in this region of the world is similar to Scotland, where some of the best single malts are produced, according to researchers from Oregon State University and Washington State University. Single malt whiskey isn’t the only type of whiskey being produced in Seattle, though. Other whiskeys, such as rye and bourbon, are also pouring out of the stills, frequently emphasizing the use of regional grains and terroir.

Seattle is becoming renowned as a distilling powerhouse as a result of the appreciation the local whiskeys are receiving from near and far. An interactive trail map created by the Washington Distillers Guild allows you to plan your own whiskey tour of the city or even the entire state. Learn about the craft distillers producing whiskey in Seattle, including single malt and other varieties, whether you want to plan your trip or just wander about at random.

Washington Whiskies

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