Will Robots Replace Human Bartenders?

We think there is very little chance bartenders will be replaced by robots. Someday soon robots will be sophisticated enough to carry on a conversation with people in a way that feels natural. When we get to that point with artificial intelligence, people would most likely crave human interaction even more. Going to a bar would be a way to escape AI.

Robot Bartender

Mixing and serving a cocktail is such a small portion of what most bartenders do. Bartenders make up a lot of the charm of the bar and are often the face and personality of the bar. The bartender is many times considered to be the security in bars. It may not be difficult for a robot to identify a drunk and disorderly customer, yet could a robot eject them from the bar in a humane manner. Even if that technology is available the legality seems problematic.

5 reasons why bartenders are unlikely to be replaced by robots:

  1. Human interaction: One of the main reasons people go to bars is for the social experience and human interaction. Bartenders are skilled at creating a welcoming and entertaining atmosphere, engaging with customers, and building relationships.
  2. Customization: Bartenders are experts at creating unique and personalized drinks based on customers’ preferences and requests.
  3. Creativity: Bartending is a creative profession that requires a deep knowledge of ingredients, techniques, and flavor profiles. Bartenders constantly experiment with new recipes and techniques to create unique drinks that appeal to their customers.
  4. Problem-solving: Bartenders are skilled at solving problems on the fly, such as dealing with difficult customers and handling unexpected situations.
  5. Entertainment: Bartenders often double as entertainers, with flair bartending to engage and entertain their customers.

Bartenders rely on tips for most of their income. Owners of bars or restaurants do not have much of an incentive to replace a bartender with a robot based on the amount of money that they pay. There will be a few locations that use robot bartenders as a novelty and customer draw, these will be very rare.